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The heart behind P.S. Restfemale founder

Do you ever feel so busy that rest seems impossible? Or do you zone out scrolling on your phone, with that being intended as time to rest, but you don’t feel rested afterwards?

Intentional rest can often become the forgotten post script of our lives. 

P.S. Rest exists to help you carve out intentional, quality moments of calm filled with beauty. Beautiful ingredients to delight your eyes, with the wholesome goodness of organic plants to feed your body what it needs.

Life can often feel full on, be it through our busyness or just the constant noise and difficulties of life.

We want to help you find nourishing moments of rest amidst the chaos of life. We want to help you make rest the regular - rather than the forgotten - post script of your life.

The values


We use only natural ingredients to ensure there’s nothing nasty in your restful moments: no fillers, additives, artificial flavours or pesticides. Just the goodness of nature in every cup.

The vast majority of our ingredients are certified organic but in the odd instance where we can’t source certified organic to bring you the best tasting cup of tea, we use the purest option we can find. 


There's just something so special about both seeing and drinking whole leaf tea. Did you know that tea bags are generally made from the poorest quality tea? We want you to have a beautiful cup, so we source the finest ingredients we can to ensure you get the absolute best in your tea from us.


We're big believers in intentional consumerism and don't want to create more unnecessary 'stuff'. We love that buying tea or bath salts for yourself or a friend is choosing to gift moments that can be enjoyed then easily disposed of at the end. When creating non-consumable products as part of our range, we are careful to ensure that we are offering something beautiful, something useful, and something high quality.


We want to do our part to care for our beautiful planet, so all of our packaging is earth friendly and sustainable. No single use plastics here! 

All of our packaging is compostable, recyclable or reusable.

We’re especially proud to use plant based cellophane bags to keep your tea fresh. They offer the protection of plastic, but will break down in your home compost within a few weeks.


A message from the founder

Life can be great and amazing, but can also be quite challenging at times. It can be difficult to get those moments where you can truly rest and feel refreshed. P.S. Rest is not just about tea, or pretty products. It is really about carving out time to have truly restful moments to care for our bodies and our souls.

Our products are designed to make this easy for you. Teas that are easy to drink and packed full of goodness, or bath salts and eye pillows that add beauty and rest to quiet moments.

I truly help that these can help you find rest and refreshment.


P.S. Rest