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The storyfemale founder

Hi, I’m Aimee, the founder of P.S. Rest.

P.S. Rest was created out of an intense period in my life that quickly highlighted my need for good quality, nourishing rest.

Shortly after I took over a little tea business called Leif Tea Co, my dad unexpectedly passed away. This was quickly followed by a certain pandemic landing on our shores and my little business exploding from 5 stockists to over 100 all whilst I was caring for 2 children under 3.

With all of this on my plate and my attempt to juggle it all – I became burn out, as so many of us women do.

Whether it’s the demands of work, responsibilities, children, or social life, as women our plates are often overflowing, and rest is so often forgotten or cast to the side because everything else feels more important.

But you are just as, if not more important.  

With this all-in mind I wanted to reshape my tea brand into something specifically focused on helping women carve out ‘guilt-free’ intentional moments of rest to escape the chaos of life.

Cue P.S. Rest.

We’re here to champion nourishing yourself.

To take time out throughout your day just for you.

To remember you matter.

You do so much. You give so much. And we’re here to help you give yourself permission to rest.