Our story

Our story


Welcome to P.S. Rest, where our story was created by a simple yet profound desire for high-quality, revitalising rest. I'm Rachel, the owner of P.S. Rest, and as a herbalist with a genuine passion for all things natural. Being driven by my love for herbal medicine and an unwavering dedication to enhancing people's health, my mission is clear – to craft exquisite, high frequency teas that contribute to overall health and well-being.

P.S. Rest was created out of the need for people getting good quality, nourishing rest. 

In the midst of the demands of work, responsibilities, children, and social life, particularly as women, we often find our plates overflowing, with rest frequently pushed aside, overshadowed by seemingly more pressing priorities.

Located on the beautiful South Coast of NSW, P.S. Rest proudly stands as an Australian-owned business committed to delivering the highest quality, premium certified organic herbal teas. Our teas are meticulously sourced from organic tea farms in Australia and around the world, reflecting our unwavering dedication to excellence.

More than just exceptional teas, P.S. Rest is a movement fuelled by a desire to raise awareness in both local and global communities about the myriad health benefits that herbal teas can offer. We stand as advocates for organic practices, actively supporting and promoting organic farming and production.

Yet, at the core of it all, it's you who matters the most. With this in mind, we have set out to redefine the tea brand, transforming it into a sanctuary devoted to empowering women to indulge in guilt-free, intentional moments of rest amidst the chaos of life.

Embark on this journey with us, where we celebrate you and your well-deserved moments of rest.


Our mission 

At P.S. Rest, we choose only premium, certified organic ingredient s. Our products are crafted free from toxins, bursting with high vibrations. They embody pure and natural elements just as nature intended, infused with positive intentions and high frequency.

In the heart of the South Coast of NSW, each P.S. Rest tea product is meticulously hand-blended with high vibrations. We design each unique product with utmost care, ensuring optimal therapeutic benefits, exceptional flavour, and minimal impact on the environment. Our hope is that our teas inspire you to carve out time for quiet moments, prioritise your health, and share delightful tea experiences with your loved ones.

Our mission is simple – to champion the act of nourishing oneself, encouraging you to seize precious moments exclusively for you. We want to remind you that you matter. Amidst the myriad responsibilities and constant giving, P.S. Rest is here to grant you the permission to rest, guilt-free.

P.S. Rest x