Create the restful moments you need
with our organic tea and self-care products


Because you deserve it.


You do so much. You give so much.

And we're here to help you give yourself permission to rest.

P.S. Rest exists to help you carve out time for yourself amidst your busy day.


With premium, organic loose-leaf tea and self-care products, we help you create restful moments to delight your senses and bring calm to your mind and body.

Choose your moment

Because you matter

Whether it’s the demands of work, responsibilities, children, or social life, as women our plates are often overflowing, and rest is so often forgotten or cast to the side because everything else always feels more important.


But you are just as, if not more important.


So, this is your reminder to rest. To start carving out a little time for yourself each and every day just for you.


Which moment will you choose for yourself today?

Most Popular Products

Nourish yourself

We want you to have beautifully nourishing restful moments, so we source the finest ingredients to ensure you get the absolute best.


We use only natural ingredients to ensure there’s nothing nasty in your restful moments: no artificial flavours or pesticides. Just the goodness of nature in every cup.

Sustainable packaging

We want to do our part to care for our beautiful planet, so we use packaging that is earth friendly and sustainable.  All of our packaging is compostable, recyclable or reusable.


We're especially excited about our refill satches and the cellophane bags that keep our boxed tea and Tiny Teas fresh. They are all plant based and can break down quickly in your home compost. They're also able to biodegrade in commercial waste facilities. Win!


"I have just tried your sleep tea and I love it. I have so many sleep problems and this tea really helps"

- Molly, VIC

"They are all amazing, I purchase for myself and for gifts. They are yummy with beautiful packaging"

- Jill, NSW

"Absolutely love it. I use it to sleep every night. It’s so calming."

Lavender eye pillow

- Allison, WA

"It's the most delicious tea ever"


- Christine, NSW

We are committed to handcrafting organic, high-frequency blends and rituals by a skilled herbalist, all designed to enhance your well-being. This journey begins with a heartfelt passion for tapping into the incredible rejuvenating properties of restful moments.