Organic Lavender Eye Pillow

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Organic Lavender Eye Pillow

“Absolutely love it. I use it to sleep every night. It’s so calming.” - Allison, WA

Our Organic Lavender Eye Pillows are lovingly handcrafted to help you completely unwind and allow your body to heal. The calming lavender scent and gentle pressure across your eyes and nose will help to relax your body and create a sense of peace and calm.

They are ideal for when you just need time out from the world: from the demands of life, fatigue in your body and overstimulation from screens.

Simply switch off, lie down, and enjoy the calming aromatherapy benefits and allow this moment to restore your body and mind.



  • The pillow can be cooled in the freezer or heated gently in the microwave. Do not overheat and ensure it is a safe temperature before placing over your eyes.
  • Outer: Linen
  • Filling: Organic rice, organic lavender petals, lavender essential oil
  • Your choice of a natural linen colour or a light sky blue
  • Dimensions: 8 x 20cm

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